Corporate Services

Do you believe that your employees are your best asset? Working with us, using our psychological support services for employees can help impact on your bottom line.

Benefits to the Company

Better employee performance

Reduced sickness/absence

Improved retention levels

Happier and healthier employees

More engaged employees

We offer

Stress reduction workshops

Telephone / Skype counselling

Improved customer satisfaction

Employee support for phased returns to work

Mediation in managing conflict

Executive coaching

Performance coaching


MBTI Personality profiling

Bespoke training courses on for example, Leadership, building effective teams, teams, culture change, change management

Training for managers in mental health awareness issues so they are more able to understand and deal with the impact of:

Grief I Bereavement I Depression/low mood I Anxiety I Jealousy I Post natal depression I Self esteem I Social Anxiety I Trauma I Anger I Panic attacks I Decisions & Dilemmas I Gender identity I Panic I Confidence I Relationships I Sexual difficulties and anxieties

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